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CIRC Coaches

Coach Tammy Coburn


Tammy has been coaching with CIRC for 3 years, taking the helm as Head Coach August 2023.  She completed the level 2 US Rowing coaching program 2023. 

Coach Kathryn Givven

Kathryn started rowing at CIRC in 2018 after sustaining a running injury. With a decade-long background in Track & Field, she competed in the Junior Olympics and served as the Head Track Coach for Youth & Intermediate girls. Then when faced with a nerve injury, Kathryn transitioned to rowing and found that the sport was not only physically healing, but also helped her find a love for sports again. Since her start on the team, she graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology and worked in Sports Operations on campus. Now, she wants to return to the water to work with young athletes again! She hopes to empower athletes to find a long-lasting love for the sport while emphasizing personal growth, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Whether you’re considering rowing in college or pursuing it for fun, she wants to encourage anyone, at any age, to take the leap and give it a try! 

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Coach Yianni Magnis

I was born and raised in Greece. I was a member of the Greek Jr. National Team and competed in World Championships. In preparation for the 1992 Olympics, I was coached by two very successful coaches at the time, Penny Chuter (Steven Redgrave’s coach) and Thor Nilse. I completed the Level 3 USRowing Coaching Education in 2023. In the last few years, I helped a lot of Master Rowers with their training. I was the first person to row and start a team in the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California. Rowing is my passion.

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Coach Cayton Coburn

Cayton Coburn joined CIRC in 2020 and recently came on as a coach in 2024. Rowing has been apart of her life by proxy for many years prior to participating because of her family’s involvement. Cayton has many years of prior experience coaching golf and working with/ instructing kids and teens in various other fields. She has a passion for motivating others to reach their potential. She strives to continue to foster an environment of teamwork, respect, and communication at CIRC. She values education because the more you know about all facets of a subject like rowing, the better opportunity you have to succeed and thrive! Cayton believes rowing can teach so much more than just how to race a boat. She hopes to highlight the other amazing lessons athletes can learn from such a fun and unique sport. 

Channel Islands Harbor

3141 S Victoria Blvd

Oxnard CA, 93035​


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