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Welcome to CI Rowing Club

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Channel Islands Rowing Club provides the opportunity for high school and middle school students to experience and compete in the ultimate team sport.​

We provide a comprehensive training program to boost student-athletes’ personal development.  We foster a sense of team spirit while helping athletes develop both physical and mental strength.  Athletes learn to trust and support teammates while establishing their own sense of confidence and commitment.

College Opportunities-                                                                       Rowing has some of the highest % of scholarships for boys and girls of any sport in college.

Channel Islands Rowers have received scholarships and 

entrance to these great universities- 

Columbia University, Georgetown University, Loyola Marymount, Orange Coast College, Oregon State, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara,

UC San Diego, Southern Methodist University, University of Texas, Washington State, Coastguard Academy,University of Tennessee.


Channel Islands Harbor

3141 S Victoria Blvd

Oxnard CA, 93035​


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